Sea anemone necklace design in 22k gold-plated on stainless steel

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The sea anemone collection presents three graceful creations inspired by the hypnotic beauty of this seabed marvel. Crafted in 22k gold-plated on stainless steel, this sea anemone necklace is stamped with the seal of delicacy and refinement.

Inspired by its unique physical attributes, I wanted this gold bracelet design to be the most realistic interpretation of the real creature; enough that meticulous effort was put into the crafting of each tentacle.

The sea anemone itself is fascinating oddity of the oceanic tropics. It has caught the eye of scientists for decades in the unique molecular composition of its neurons: their complexity and striking similarity to our own has shone light on research into the human nervous system.

But it also stood by as timeless totems to the ideals of intimacy and freedom : In the tropical oceanic ecosystem of reefs and barriers, the anemone is an indispensable in its ecological role. Animals like clownfish exist in symbiosis with the anemone: in swimming into the underwing of the protective expanse of its tentacles, it finds insulation and a security from predation.

To the carnivorous exterior, the sting of these tentacles is a powerful danger to respect from afar. It is through the clownfish and its kind’s protective coating, that it can avail itself of the opportunity of the sea anemone’s reciprocated protection. In unison with the many thematic parallels of creation, symbiosis and interdependency of this kind are fundamental to our lives as well.

We know the feeling of vulnerability in offering ourselves into the dependent embrace of a loved one. Like the sea anemone’s entanglement with the clownfish, the mutualism of protection in the embrace of those we are close to can feel synonymous with survival.

To love and feel protected, and to protect those you love is as profound to our lives as it is to the oceanic floors. For other weary, wondering fish, however, the sea anemone also represents a powerful cautionary force.

They live in tidepools: areas where the water separates the ocean and the doorways to the Faery Realm. They are messengers of new doorways of experience; appearing and opening, but cautioning you not to rush too hurriedly through them and be taken by unseen danger.

In this sense, they are ecological and conceptual teachers of caution, observation and foresight. You are inundated with opportunity, all of it demanding your discretion. With finite time, resource and attention, not all opportunities are worth pursuit. So, in your best interest you avoid rash assumptions in parsing first impressions.

With additional observance, you heed your intuition, and trust your interpretive skill. Sea anemones, in their own solemn wisdom, inspire this incisiveness. Just as their expanse presents an ultimate and imminent choice for any cognizant swimmers-by, the anemone symbolizes the primacy of choice and existential freedom.

Will the barracuda hazard its chance at a meal by risking entanglement within an anemone, or will it bide its time and wait for the clown fish’s retreat? Will you seize the opportunity to pursue a dream, find love or make a difficult decision? The undulating maze of the anemone’s tentacles presents you with as many choices as you need.

We care to offer you a unique experience by paying special attention to the preparation of your jewellery. Every detail has been worked with care.

Presented in an elegant setting, this sea anemone necklace includes a suede pouch and a cleaning cloth in 100% cotton, all perfectly protected to reach you.

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Technical Details


Surgical stainless steel


22k Rose gold, 22k Yellow gold

Chain Type




Chain Width


Pendant Height


Pendant Width



2 years


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