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About Fearless Jewellery and the designer

In 2011, I founded Fearless Jewellery in Luxembourg. Equipped with my sophisticated taste, unique artistic flare, and keen eye for detail, I succeeded in building a brand that showcases stunning jewellery pieces for women and men of all ages.

Fearless Jewellery is the embodiment of beauty, strength, and resilience for modern women and men. With my team of metalsmiths, we work with a wide range of precious metals and dazzling stones, taking inspiration from the vibrancy and harmony in nature.

Fearless Jewellery’s showcases versatility in its vast collection of jewellery pieces, from body jewelleries to engagement rings that breathe precision and elegance down to the last detail.

Fearless Jewellery is rapidly building a reputation as a premier source of sophisticated and bold-spirited pieces, created to enhance the wearer’s individuality and showcase tasteful aesthetics, while adding a fun twist to any outfit.

Born in Martinuque, I spent my formative years in Saint-Lucia before the moving to Luxembourg. My passion for fine jewelleries started at a young age and inspired by fashion icons with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana.

My enthusiasm for the trade further grew during my elementary days as I started utilizing my creativity to make trendy fashion jewelry for friends. My experiences growing up shaped my vision for Fearless Jewellery to become a brand that eloquently reflects my values of strength, resilience, and ingenuity.

Combining my knowledge and creative skills with advanced 3D design and jewellery manufacturing, my team and I create one-of-a-kind collections featuring superior-quality raw materials, including platinum, 18-22k gold, and sterling silver, along with a diverse range of exquisite gemstones to choose from.

All precious gemstones are sourced from reputable labs to ensure that only high-quality, durable, and striking jewellery pieces are worn by their avid clients.

As part of Fearless Jewellery’s commitment to excellence, our unique jewellery-making process consists of meticulous design and manufacturing to ensure they meet and exceed the discerning taste of every client.

Leveraging my experience together with the skilled craftsmanship of my team, I create high-end jewellery that is both professional and personal.

About the creative process: From designing to manufacturing and delivery, each Fearless Jewellery design is worked with meticulousness and precision in every detail.

⧫ Once all sketches and details are interpreted on paper, the next step is to develop a CAD design of the jewellery in order to have the most photorealistic version of the final piece.

⧫  Our staff works with 3D Renderings, 3D printing and manual techniques that includes Rhino, zbrush and other traditional mold manufacturing techniques. 

⧫  Once the CAD design has been validated, we proceed into 3D printing the castable model in resin. 

⧫  Next, the 3D printed model is covered in gypsum to create the mold. Once the gypsum is set, the resin is drained and liquid metal is poured in. From there, it’s a traditional metal casting process.

⧫  Once the metal is set and the mold is removed, the item is carefully taken out, mechanically handled, and polished.

⧫  All our jewellery are casted in either platinum, 22k or 18k gold or in rhodium plated sterling silver with precious stones, semi-precious stones or enamel.

About the team: My workshops fulfill all my creative expectations. Each piece of Jewellery is the object of special attention, specific discussions, repeated trials, patience, and impatience, without forgetting time, the eternal friend of perfection.

My patience and relationship to time have forged my dedication to the world of Jewellery. Thanks to generations of independent and courageous women from my family. “FEARLESS” women whose values are found in every Fearless design. My slogan is that in every valorous woman, there is a jewel ”.

This melting pot of artists evolving in fashion sewed an ardor in me, which grew and became a full-time vocation. Fearless Jewellery is the legacy of this atypical family of characters overflowing with creative and always innovative ideas, even ahead of time.

Why Choose Fearless Jewellery?

⧫ We emphasize on quality jewellery manufactured in a shot space of time.

⧫ We specialize in all jewellery types, from earrings to body jewellery in all shapes and forms. Nothing is too complex for us, on the contrary we love a challenge!

⧫ We have the capacity to manufacture from small to large orders, please contact us for more details.

⧫ We work with a team of experienced and skilled CAD designers, manufacturers and gemologists using numerous computer softwares and 3D printers to fabricate the highest detailed & quality jewellery.

⧫ We collaborate with gem labs in Switzerland to ensure that all our gemstones are natural, high grade, and quality resistant.

⧫ We offer high grade, detailed report certificates for all our jewellery manufactured with precious stones.

⧫ All raw material are natural and cruelty free.

⧫ Our management team each have their own specialty vital towards the success of Fearless Jewellery.

⧫ We have a cultural and multilingual diversity that allows us to understand and communicate with people from different parts of the world.

⧫ We have high integrity.

⧫ We have high employee Morale And Productivity.

⧫ We have strong and disciplined working ethics.

⧫ We are solution oriented.

Fearless Jewellery was imagined under the sun and the splendours of Saint-Lucia but was born in Luxembourg.

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