Determining your ring size for the ideal fit

At Fearless Jewellery, we are happy to show you how to accurately measure your finger for a comfortable ring fit.
We remind customers that the temperature changes throughout the year and this can sometimes have a substantial effect on the width of your finger. Ideally, you can have more than one ring of differing sizes to ensure you have something that fits perfectly year-round. If in doubt, it’s better to choose a slightly larger size ring than one that is too small.
The instructions below will demonstrate how you can determine your ring size at home prior to making a purchase.


Measure your finger

If you don’t already have a measuring ring, you can measure your finger accurately. The easiest method to do this involves the simple use of a piece of string:
1.    First, cut a piece of thread about 4 centimeters long.
2.   Wrap the piece of string around the base of the finger you want to measure. Place the thread on a ruler in millimeters, the length of the thread marked is the circumference of your finger.
3.   Be sure to measure both the knuckle and the base of the finger. If your knuckle is significantly larger than the base of your finger, choose a measurement that falls in the middle of these two measurements.
4.  The conversion chart below will show you how to translate your measurements in millimeters to a proper ring size that fits you well and is comfortable.

ring size


Measure a ring you already have

The quickest method involves using a ring you already own. If you have a ring at home that fits comfortably, you can use its measurements to find an ideal ring size using only a ruler and our size chart.
1.    Use your ruler to measure the diameter of your ring: measure straight across from one end of the inside of the ring to the other.
2.    Take the measurements in millimeters and use the conversion chart included below to determine your ring size. If the ring you measured is slightly tight or too loose, consider choosing a size either slightly larger or smaller to improve comfort.

ring size


    Print out our paper ring sizer

You can also print out our ring sizer from your computer at home:
1.    When printing the guide, make sure your print scale is set to 100 percent.
2.    Make sure the “fit to page” box is left unchecked in order to get an accurate measurement from the printout.
The ring size chart (click here) that we’re providing is a template which shows different ring sizes . To find your ring size, place one of your rings on the circles. When the circle line touches the inside of your ring, you will find your ring size. The number inscribed in the circle defines the circumference of the ring.