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The Kandula collection represents the strength and longevity of the elephant, whose cause is dear to my heart.

I began sketching in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the prototypes were created.

This project matured slowly not only because of my deep commitment to the animal world, but also because I took my time to refine it into the most beautiful form of Jewellery.

Kandula draws your attention with exquisite and unique pieces, the result of immense research and crafting expertise.

We strived to develop a meticulous artisanal technique from shaping and mixing metal to sculpting stones in different forms.

It is also the first COLLECTION in which I gave the most in time and effort.

Kandula is me and all the strong and independent women of eternal youth like those in my family.

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belly chain
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Elaphant Necklace Gold
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Elephant Earrings Gold
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