Transaction failed

Your transaction failed, we at Fearless Jewellery apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again or contact site support. What are the reasons behind this?

INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: Internet connection serves as the backbone for making online payments possible, any problems associated with your internet connectivity can abruptly disrupt ongoing payments or prevent it from taking place. 

DOWNTIME OR MAINTENANCE: Sometimes banking systems may be in maintenance so it is important to stay updated with their announcement of downtime and maintenance schedules. This way, you can get a heads up and eventually schedule your payments ahead of time. On the other hand, unannounced downtimes are also unavoidable. At times, your bank may allow you to transact for a specific timeframe. Should you fail to make transactions during the given time constraint, the payment process will not be completed. 

AUTHENTICITY: The bank’s system usually traces your spending patterns and because of this, they may decline to process the online payment if they suspect that there is something wrong with the authenticity of the transaction or a user transacts money beyond their usual spending threshold. 

WRONG DATA: Online payments have an identity verification system that is very strict and sensitive. Since online payment processes deal with money, the system is very strict when it comes to false, inaccurate or missing information. Any transaction that contains inconsistent proof of identity or incomplete information will likely backfire. It is preferable to double-check all information you enter prior to starting any payment. 

BALANCE: Basically, an online payment transaction will be declined or refused if one of the two cases occurs: One, there is an insufficient balance in the card holder’s bank account; and two, the cardholder is purchasing beyond their credit limit. Cardholders must always verify their balance before making an online payment and respect the rules when using credit or debit cards.